Brightsite Investment

Raise Your Expectations. Lower Your Costs.

Interested in reducing costs while enjoying measurably higher guard performance? Subscribe to BrightSite and empower your security officers to turn your cameras and equipment into a smarter solution.

BrightSite, an Internet enabled subscription service, sharply improves guard productivity and cost savings. BrightSite rapidly pays for itself and delivers more comprehensive protection for your people, assets and information.

Our solution offers a fantastic return on investment:

  • By automating tasks and using Vigilos’ technology so guards only need to respond to and resolve designated events – the Vigilos service:
  • Allows fewer guards to perform the same physical security tasks.
  • Measure and manage guard performance – Vigilos archives all events – so there is an audit record.
  • Supports remote monitoring and event notification to specific users based on rules programmed into the service at deployment.