DIY Home Security – How to Find the Best DIY Home Security System for Your Needs?

DIY Home Security

Many homeowners choose to install their own home security system for one primary reason. A DIY home security system is less expensive because there are no labor costs. This can reduce the cost of a system by as much as 50 percent.

It is certainly possible to install either a wired or wireless home security system. But there are some things to keep in mind when deciding between the two types of systems.

The wired system is much harder to install because wires must be run between the control panel and the various sensors placed around the home.

A wireless home security system is much easier to install because it’s not necessary to drill holes in walls or floors. If you’re not good at working with tools then a wireless system would be the better choice of systems.

Also keep in mind that professionals are experts at deciding where to place sensors, sirens and motion detectors to get the best coverage with the least amount of equipment.

This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same results, but it’s important to understand that installing the components in the ideal locations can make a difference as to how well the house is covered by the alarm system.

Monitoring and the DIY Home Security System

Some DIY systems can be set-up for 24-hour monitoring. You can buy these DIY systems from the vendor, install the control panel and components, and then contract for 24-hour monitoring with the vendor.

There are also DIY home security systems that can be installed with an auto dialer that will contact the fire or police departments if the alarm is set off.

Of course, it is harder to install a system designed for monitoring services. And lots of people don’t have it in their monthly budget for a 24 monitoring service.

When there isn’t a 24-hour monitoring or auto dialing feature, the system will just have an alarm or siren that goes off when the security system is triggered.

If the system is not connected to a monitoring system or auto dialer, it’s up to the homeowner – or whomever is home – to dial the emergency personnel.

Easy to Install DIY Home Security Systems

The most basic wireless DIY security system is the easiest to install. It will have a control panel, window and door sensors, and maybe a motion sensor and siren. But you can add components to the system which enhance its capabilities.

For example, you can add one or more wireless surveillance cameras. Cameras can be installed inside the house to monitor activities or outside to add security to the front door or other areas.

If you install wired cameras, the options for placement are more limited than for wireless cameras.

You can also add motion detectors with the DIY home security systems. Motion detectors can be a bit tricky to place because pets can set off false alarms.

For that reason, some people choose to forgo motion detectors or choose motion detectors that are pet-friendly.

How to Place the Sensors?

When designing the DIY security system the goal is to place sensors where burglars are most likely to make an entry attempt. If you install a system with fire alert capability you will also have to set sensors in locations that will give you the most notice for safe escape.

Sensors should be placed on windows and doors that give entry to the outside. Sensors should also be placed on sliding glass doors which are a prime target of burglars.

(Windows are the primary point of entry for burglars with doors being second.)

Some DIY home security systems are quite sophisticated and include options like lighting control. But most DIY systems are fairly basic and easy to install.

So those are some of the main benefits of a Do-It-Yourself Security system. Regardless of which system you choose, statistics show that approximately 74% of failed burglary attempts are due to alarm systems sounding. This clearly shows that installing a home security system is well worth the time, effort and money.

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Why Are Smoke Detectors Important?

Why Are Smoke Detectors Important?

Breaking of a fire in your home is the worst thing that can happen to your family. If you think of ignoring this topic better give a second thought to the havoc a fire may cause to you. So to ensure safety of your family and belongings is to be prepared and well informed before the devastation can actually occur. Check out these top 10 best home security companies and their reviews.

Smoke alarms are supreme to the safety and security of any home. Having installed them to the right places in working condition can prevent fire breaking out. Here are some important tips that really stand out in preventing a major damage.

The first important tip is to place a number of reliable smoke alarms and in working condition at different places all through your home. While most of people will install them properly but will forget to check and maintain the batteries to guarantee that the alarms are in working condition. Even if you have heard all this before, but it is not enough; check the alarms regularly, if not sure, check them again. The job they will do in a crisis is immeasurable.

Next is the choice of places to install them. The best places are near those appliances that can cause fire and near by the areas where you or your family members sleep. One fire alarm should be present in each floor and if possible one in each room, just to ensure more safety. Many people thinks they will know when a fire breaks out, this is simply not true. They will only come to know about the fire breakout when it has caused major damage.

Majority of deaths in fire breakouts are caused through inhalation of poisonous fumes and smoke (and not by burns). By the time your family actually discovers the fire (by increasing temperature or by smell) they are already breathing in smoke. A smoke alarm warns you about the smoke spreading and helps you out of your home before the smoke has spread in your room. These few minutes can be of uncountable difference in the time of the crisis, saving your family from smelling toxic gases and from fire. Though it might be annoying to check them regularly, they pay the price of your family’s safety at the time it is needed.

Some advantages of Smoke Detectors installed:

  1. The alarm responds immediately. So you can try to stop the fire from spreading. The smoke detectors will point the area where smoke is detected. Using a fire extinguisher then will help you overcome the fire spreading.
  2. These devices will notify all you family members in your house without delay. This is one of the major advantages of having a fire extinguisher. It may be connected to a local rescue unit so that they can react immediately too.
  3. It gives your family members or people inside your house more time to get out. Fire spreads very fast, if you can’t get out right away, you are in real danger.

5 Myths About Home Security

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Home Security and Home Security Systems

There are numerous myths and misconceptions associated with home security. Such have in many cases proven to be fatal as many have become victims of such myths and misconceptions. This is due to the fact that they have misled people to thinking that do not need any form of security for their homes as they have nothing that makes them vulnerable. Such myths and misconceptions are known to be perilous and need to be done away with in every possible way. You’re about to find out why home security matters and the most common myths and misconceptions about home security:

1. My Neighborhood is Safe

This is one misconception that has had many people filled with regret. The thought that you live in a neighborhood that is safe hence you do not need security for your home is one that will return to haunt you when you realize that one of your neighbors is a threat to you and your family. It is therefore important to take caution even if you live in a gated neighborhood as chances are high that your own neighbor may pose a threat to your and your family and property.

2. Burglars Cannot Be Stopped

There are people who normally have the mentality that if thugs wanted to get into your home you wouldn’t be able to stop them hence there is no need for you to invest on your home’s security. This is partly true. However, throwing all caution into the the wind is not the way to go. By installing a security system in your home, you will be able to stall the burglars to the extent of having them arrested. Further, such security systems reduce the chances of your home being a target of such criminals. This therefore goes far to prove that it is important to invest in the security of your home, this aspect should be considered before buying a home security system.

3. There is Nothing of Value in My Home

There are many times you may be tempted to think that your home is safe due to the fact that you do not have anything of value in it. This is far from the truth. This is a fact that is only known to you and not others. Further, there are some people who would choose to break into your home, not to steal anything but to harm you and your family members. Such a mentality would only serve to put you and your loved ones in danger.

4. Home Security Systems Are An Expensive Affair

Looking at them in terms of their monetary value, home security systems may be expensive. However, this cannot be compared to the value that they bring to the home in terms of the security they offer you and your family. Nothing should ever seem expensive to you especially if it concerns your safety as well as that of the people you love.

5. The Home Security System Will Take Care of Everything

There are people who after acquiring a home security system tend to relax on issues regarding their security at home. This is not supposed to be case. Even after setting up such a system, it is important to always remain vigilant lest you be caught unaware. doing basic security checks such as checking your doors and windows to ensure that they are locked is very important.

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