Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

Last Updated On: Sunday September 02, 2018

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras – Top 3 things to consider

The dependability and reliability of a wireless home security camera system depends entirely on the quality of the cameras. Let’s face it, you can have the best system in town, but if your cameras aren’t up to par, the whole system will be worthless. In most cases, wireless home security cameras are one of two types- indoor or outdoor. While there are several differences among the two, there are some basic characteristics that define all quality security cameras – indoor or outdoor. Look for these features when you‘re searching for a wireless home security camera and rest assured that you will have made the right choice.


One of the main purposes of a wireless home security camera is to provide protection and security conveniently. While this may seem like an obvious point, it may not be. Some wireless cameras are confusing and endlessly complicated. They have add-on gadgets and functions that require an advanced degree to learn. The bottom line? When looking for a quality wireless home security camera, don’t forget to assess the complication factor. If it looks like it’s got so many bells and whistles that it takes away from the whole ease of use, move on.

Great Features

Complication aside, you still want your wireless home security camera to come with some really great features. It doesn’t have to be complicated to offer color imaging or motion detection. After all, what’s the point of a great security camera if it doesn’t activate when motion is detected? How about remote viewing? This sounds rather obvious as well, but it’s a nice feature to be able to see what’s going on at your house when you are stuck at work or out for the evening.

Another great feature of a quality wireless home security camera is if there is compatibility. Look for cameras that offer easy solutions for adding on additional components. A serious necessity as technology updates hourly and you need the flexibility to add more options. For instance, how about connecting your floodlights to your wireless home security camera? As motion is detected and the camera is enabled, floodlights activate automatically as well. A nice touch for deterring would be intruders or providing an extra safety precaution for friends or family. Besides, you may decide in the future that you would like to expand your system. Having a wireless home security camera that is compatible with other electronic devices or even more cameras is a problem solved
before it appears.

Remember, there are all sorts of really great features that would be nice additions to your wireless home security camera system. While you may not need all of them, the trick is to find a camera that has a nice combination of some of the features that you would find useful for your specific situation. Night vision may not be that important to you, however, maybe you can’t live without the ability to pan or zoom.


Another component to finding a quality wireless home security camera is recognizing when a price is fair and when it is not. There are so many wireless electronic devices available today, it can get confusing fast. Do yourself a favor and find two or three cameras that interest you. Compare the prices for these three and use those figures as a guide to help you create an average in your head of what the bottom and top end of similar products is. Remember, brand recognition can play a large role in pricing so be careful not to get sidetracked. Compare features to features and it should be easy to find a system
that not only fits your requirements, but your budget as well.

Top of the Line Wireless Home Security Cameras

Although there are several different types of wireless home security cameras, these are a few of the top performers that are consistent, reliable and dependable.

  • Lorex LW2702 7-inch LCD Quad Digital Wireless Surveillance System
  • Uniden UDW 1003 Wireless Video Surveillance Portable Security System
  • TRENDnet SecurView Wireless Day/Night Pan/Zoom Internet Surveillance Camera
  • Uniden UDW 20055 Wireless Video Surveillance
  • Astak CM-818T3 2.4GHz Wireless Security Surveillance Camera Set
  • Defender PHOENIX 1EXWireless Video Security System with portable LCD monitor

Finding a great wireless home security camera isn’t as complicated as it might seem. Look for cameras that have great features that interest you and would work well for your situation, don’t overlook the importance of convenience and compare prices for some of your favorites. Finding a great wireless home security system is as easy as knowing what you are in the market for and going out and getting it.

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