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Last Updated On: Thursday August 01, 2019

Portable Air Conditioner Reviews – Buying Guide to find Best Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a Portable Air Conditioner? In this guide our main goal is to research and publish reviews of affordable, popular and best portable air conditioner. This website is the “go to” site for you to find all the information you need to find and buy the best portable air conditioner for your particular circumstances.

The reviews researched and published are based on consumer ratings and actual users feedback of the various models and brands of the portable air conditioners information found on this website / blog.

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Why Buy Portable Air Conditioner?

Walking into your cool home on a really hot day is such a relief, it is hard to describe. Walking into a burning hot home, is miserable. We’ve all been there and no one wants to experience this kind of misery.

Buying a portable air conditioner for those wretched hot days is a way to relieve and prevent the suffering heat. Here are a few more reasons to buy portable air conditioners.

  • Easy setup, most come with installation guides, parts and equipment required
  • Low Cost — much cheaper than central air conditioning
  • Boosts and helps central air conditioning on extremely hot days
  • Great for apartment dwellers, especially those without any air conditioning
  • Great for those few extremely hot days just about all areas experience
  • Great for a bedroom for cool sleeping
  • Wonderful for a garage, shed or workshop
  • Super to turn on during hot days while using your oven, to help boost your central air

And, many more reasons like above …
Whatever your reasons for buying portable air conditioner, we have several reviews and guides to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Which Portable Air Conditioner Should I Buy?

There are several guides on buying portable air conditioners. To read our favorite portable air conditioning buying guide, click here.

Basically, choosing a PAC would depend on the how large an area you wish to cool. Normally, the smaller the area, the less “BTUs” you would need. Yet, it also depends on the brand, you prefer to buy as well.

There are numerous affordable, high quality brands you may wish to consider when choosing your unit. These top rated portable air conditioner brands include: EdgeStar, Delonghi, NewAir, Haier, Soleus, KoldFront, Sunpentown, Sharp.

Our portable air conditioners reviews site will give you reviews, testimonials, feedback from actual users of the above brands.

Portable Air Conditioner Prices

The prices for these products are quite variable. You can buy a good quality PAC for as low as $99.00 and as high as several thousands of dollars. It depends on the brand and the size. However, the average price for a top rated “best” portable air conditioner is around $350 to $500. It is important that you make sure the company selling online offers free shipping. This is because shipping could add another $50 to $85 to the price.

Where Can I Buy A Portable Air Conditioner?

There are numerous online stores where you can buy portable air conditioners. We have researched several stores to find the cheapest, yet highest quality brands for you. We found that the two stores online that offer great value as well as free shipping.

It is important that you choose to buy these units from reputable stores online that offer free shipping and excellent packing of these units.

You would want the “free shipping” offer because the units are bulky, heavy and can be very expensive to ship. You would also want to find a reputable store that packs the units well, because you definitely do not want them damaged during shipping!

The two stores we recommend are:

  1. Compact Appliance [Click Here]
  2. Air n Water [Click Here]

We hope you will bookmark us and visit often, because we will updating this site often with portable air conditioner reviews and even specials and discounts as they become available.

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