Philips Lifeline Review

Last Updated On: Wednesday January 09, 2019

Philips Lifeline Reviews

Philips Lifeline Overview:

  • Type – Philips Medical Alert System
  • Price – $29.95 per month
  • Battery – 15 hours of backup battery power
  • Device options – Cordless Phone Communicator, a base, voice extension console, rubber help button, automatic detection of falls
  • Company experience – Working nearly 40 years

Philips Lifeline Full Review

About Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Systems:

The number of the company subscribers has reached 7 million and it still keeps on increasing. Lifeline medical alert system keeps its leading position in the industry providing the consumers with significant, high-quality innovations and gives you and your loved ones access to help 24/7.Nearly 40 years Philips Lifeline has been offering its users a most reliable opportunity to live independently with a strong self-confidence.

Philips Lifeline Features & Equipment:

A variety of systems and features is offered by Phillips life alert each of which is designed to fit your needs. These features range from basic monitoring all the way to fall detection. Lifeline with Auto Alert is a latest technology offered by the company. Philips Lifeline has two console options.

  1. The traditional base – its Care Partner Communicator, it includes a red “help” button, voice amplifier and 15 hours of backup battery power.
  2. Cordless Phone Communicator with easy-to-read large buttons and a lighted LED display for caller ID.

Each base coverage has a range of 800 feet.

There is the option of adding a voice extension console and a home key box to your service. The voice extension console is designed to increase the two-way speakerphone voice communication to a larger area. And the home key box, in its turn, is offered for the cases you accidentally get locked out of your home. Along with medical alert system, Lifeline medical also provides medication dispensing service.

Philips Lifeline Setup and Use:

Our current Philips lifeline review provides you with the setup information using the sources from the Philip’s website. Although we haven’t tested it ourselves yet, we still feel confident about the Philip’s strong brand reputation.

You can get the help you need following these 3 easy steps:

Summon Help

In order to get help you simply need to push your Lifeline Personal button. If you use the NEW option of the company called LifeLine with AutoAlert, an added layer of protection is brought forward which is designed to automatically place a call for help in case of detecting a fall and of you being unable to press the button.

Hear a reassuring voice

Regardless of the time of day, you will receive an answer from a specialized Lifeline response associate. The later will access your profile and evaluate the situation.

Get immediate assistance

After the situation is assessed the associate will quickly contact an emergency service, family member or a neighbor depending on your specific needs and then will follow up to confirm the help has arrived and the situation is being dealt with.
lifeline how it works

Philips Lifeline Help & Support:

The accidental pressing is minimized by the design of the integrated rubber help button, moreover it allows for easy blind activation through clothing.

Although Phillips life line has automatic detection of falls, still it cannot guarantee 100% detection of falls, so the users should beware that they might be required to press the help button in such cases.

Philips Lifeline Price and Value:

A huge variety of systems, features, and options are offered by Phillips lifeline so it is quite reasonable that the prices can be not too flexible. A system staring at $29.95 per month is offered in their website . There are no hidden fees and the equipment is included into the price. However, to get more precise information about the prices, you are advised to directly contact the company.

Philips Lifeline Pros:

  • Philips Lifeline’s console has an 800-foot range
  • All installations and repairs are performed by factory-trained professionals
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Lifeline medical offers pendants with fall-detection technology.
  • Smart design to minimize the chance of accidental pressing
  • The pendant is robust and fully water proof
  • Phillips life line is Awarded an iF Design Award for Product Design

Philips Lifeline Cons:

  • An activation fee required for starting the service
  • No 100% guarantee of fall detection

The Verdict: Should You Buy Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System?

Having a respected name and reputation Philips Lifeline offers progressive monitoring equipment and impressive medical monitoring services. Providing Safe, Flexible Solutions Lifeline medical alert significantly stands out for its unique and smart design which does make a difference.

Philips Lifeline Summary:

Philips Lifeline provides the users with such advanced medical devices as UL-listed console and fall-detection pendants, a console with a built-in cordless phone and professional installation of the system. This is why this company keeps on attracting new users over periods of time.

Providing both the Medical Alert Service and Medication Dispensing Service Philips Lifeline gives you the opportunity to live more independently and with a peace of mind detecting falls and medication errors.

The costs depend on your choice of your service level and the Philips lifeline cost might be a bit higher compared with other medical alert services However, as one of the most popular and reliable medical services lifeline systems are absolutely worth having.

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