Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems

Last Updated On: Monday September 03, 2018

Best Affordable Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

You don’t have to be a techno-head to notice that everything everyone is doing these days is wireless. From computers to lawn equipment, people just don’t want the hassle of cables, plugs, or wires of any type. This includes our favorite pastime – security cameras. The fact is, outdoor wireless security camera systems are the latest rage because they’re easy, convenient, and useful. With increasing crime rates, people all across the country are recognizing the value of surveillance cameras for protecting not only their property, but their loved ones.

Somewhere between an episode of “cops” and “C.S.I.”, the average American decided that security cameras were not just for celebrities and sports stars. In fact, outfitting your property with an outdoor wireless security camera system is no longer a luxury reserved for the affluent, but a responsibility that must be taken seriously. Besides, as security systems become more main stream, prices are leveling out with systems available for almost every budget.

Nevertheless, there are some serious disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. Learning a little about the benefits and disadvantages of outdoor wireless systems will help you make the best decision when and if you choose to purchase an outdoor wireless security camera system.


There are lots of obvious advantages to an outdoor wireless security camera system. Perhaps you like the element of surprise and are looking for a system that gives you the most flexibility in terms of location. An outdoor wireless security system can be positioned almost anywhere. Particularly because there are no dreaded cables or wires to conceal, outdoor cameras work great in trees, on rooftops even behind architecture. The mobility of a wireless camera gives you even more flexibility as you can change locations often without having to put forth much effort.

In addition, an outdoor wireless security camera system is super simple to install. This benefit alone is worth buying a wireless system. Imagine, not having to bury cables, hide wires or reach certain areas in your landscape design. With a wireless system, you simply mount the camera securely and you’re done. The majority of the initial setup can be completed from the convenience of your kitchen table. This means no drilling, testing or miscalculating.


Unfortunately, as is the case with most things, outdoor wireless security camera systems do have some negative aspects. They run on batteries and while you may be extra vigilant, they still need to be replaced, and often. In addition, interference from other electronic devices is always a possibility. In other words, like most wireless devices, other equipment can make the signal weak or in worst cases, unresponsive.

Rest assured, every cell phone that passes your outdoor wireless security system is not going to shut it down, but there will always be the added inconvenience of potential interference. Sometimes it may be severe, other times it may be as simple as picture degradation. As a consequence, many wireless models offer lower quality image than wired models. Finally, because your outdoor wireless security camera is just that- wireless- it can be susceptible to theft or vandalism.

Popular Models

With such a wide selection of outdoor wireless security camera systems available, it’s tough to narrow it down to just a few. However, these five are specific models that people are consistently giving good reviews to and that appear to be selling the most.

Foscam White Outdoor Wireless IP Camera, 6mm Lens : FI8905W, $84.00
Uniden UDW20553 Wireless Security Surveillance System – Security $286.00
SVAT GX301-013 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with SD card recording and 2 night vision cameras, $249.99
KJB C1190 – weather resistant- 2.4 GHZ wireless pan zoom camera set, $249.95
Swann NightHawk – Wireless Outdoor Camera Night Vision 26ft/8m, SW-P-WOC / SW231-WOC, $149.99

There are some pretty great benefits that come from choosing outdoor wireless security cameras. They’re easy to hide, easy to install, easy to use and super convenient. Wireless security gives you the freedom to feel protected anywhere and anytime on your property without limitations. No tools necessary, just set it up and be on your way without giving it another thought.

Nevertheless, batteries run out, interference creates problems and often it’s hard to find image quality to match wired models. While it’s possible to control most interference,  there’s just no guarantee that other electronics in the area will stay clear of your frequency and wireless cameras are always more susceptible to vandalism or theft because they tend to be placed in more remote locations. Learning a few of these basic benefits and disadvantages will help you decide if an outdoor wireless security camera  system is the right choice for you and your family.

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