Online opportunities that pay worldwide

Online opportunities that pay worldwide

Many websites are unavailable to certain people in certain countries. However, there are also a few that can make money for people worldwide. Here are the five best sites I use to take paid surveys for money:

1. Sprizely ( This site used to be the best paying site without a doubt. It would pay $3 for almost every survey you completed. At this point, most of the survey rewards are now sweepstakes entries. However, I still end up making $20-$30 per month by getting a few survey invitations per week. Join free and take surveys for money. They range in payments from $2 to $5 per survey. I’ve cashed out three times for a total of $620.

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2. Lifepoints Panel: This site doesn’t reward you with cash for the online surveys you complete. Instead, they give you points per survey completed. Of course, it’s important that you fill out your profiles so you get the most invites possible. Online Surveys usually pay about 50 points per survey. Each point is worth 5 cents, so most surveys are worth around $2.50. You can’t cash out until you have 1,000 points ($50). I just requested my second check, and have now made $115 through the site.

3. Your Own Website. As you all know, you’re not going to get rich from a website. However, the nice part about all the work you do with your own website is that you don’t just get a flat payment. You will continue to make money long after you write the article. Sure, it might just be a few pennies here and there, but if you commit yourself to writing a lot of articles on the website, you’ll continue to do well. For personal reasons, I had to stop doing online surveys and writing at Helium for about two months. When I came back, the balances on all my survey sites remained the same. But my balance at Helium grew by $15. Earning $15 while being away from the computer for two months isn’t too bad. Just continue to write away and you’ll see more and more money.

4. NCP panel ( After the first two sites, things really get tight. I haven’t had much luck getting paid from many others. Zoom panel will offer points for their surveys, but cash isn’t an option. You can choose from different prizes on different point levels.

5. Pinecone Research: This is a different type of survey site. You don’t take the typical surveys. Instead, you sign up for offers with your debit/credit card and get paid for signing up for trial offers. The bad thing about this is that if you forget to cancel your trial subscription, your card will be charged. However, if these types of surveys for money are for you, this is the best of those sites I’ve found. This (along with most of these types of survey sites) require a minimum of $100 cash-out.
Those are the variety I’ve used. At this point my online work is almost exclusively with Sprizely and Lifepoints for the surveys along with a website for blog writing.

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