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Nike+ FuelBand SE Fitness Tracker Review

Nike is well known for producing absolutely fantastic sports products. In fact, if you are looking for something to wear during your workouts, then starting with Nike probably is a good bet. For a long while though, they produced nothing but clothing. Everything changed when they introduced the Nike+ range, a product range designed to track your fitness activities. This garnered critical acclaim from both amateur and professional sports enthusiasts alike. One of the newest products to be launched in the range is the Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Tracker, which is designed to capitalize on this ever increasing market.

However, with so many products out there to choose from, how does the Nike+ FuelBand SE Fitness Tracker hold up?

Let’s take a little look.

Nike+ FuelBand SE Review

The second you get this out of the box, you will quickly realize that it is very different from any fitness tracker you have seen before, particularly the more popular ones such as the FitBit. This is the fact that it actually has a display on it, and a fairly hefty one at that (not in terms of weight). The FitBit has five LEDs to give you an indication of how well you are performing, the FuelBand has a whopping one hundred of them. Surprisingly though, this
doesn’t add too much weight to the device, although I have to be honest, it is slightly bulkier. Remember, a fitness tracker is designed to be worn every waking moment, so it had to be something lightweight. Honestly, when you wear this, you won’t even know you are wearing it. Many people have commented on the slightly nifty LED display of this fitness tracker, the usage of which I will cover soon. The Nike+ FuelBand comes in three different sizes, each of which you can adjust slightly with the spacers included. You should be able to find the right size for you fairly easily. Unlike other fitness trackers out there though, it is supplied in just three colors (black, see through black and see through white), which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The Nike+ FuelBand is made of rubber, and it looks seriously sexy. As many people have commented though, it does lose its sexy look after a while. But let’s be honest, this isn’t a fashion device, it is a bit of work out equipment.

One of the things that the Nike+ FuelBand has over its competitors is the fact that it can give you real time updates on how you are performing right on the LED screen. To know how you are performing with its competitors will take syncing up to system, which whilst quick in some cases can be a lot of hassle, especially when you are out and about. So this certainly gives the Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Tracker a plus point in my book! The display is pretty easy to read too, which is going to be highly beneficial for most people (the FitBit, despite not displaying any real information does tend to be a little bit difficult to see, especially when you are running at high speeds).

The Nike+ Fuel Band SE Fitness tracker can track a variety of different things, although most of it is aimed at the thing I will discuss with you in the next paragraph. All of your basics are here including calories burned, amount of time spent working out, the distance covered and the steps you have taken. When it comes to measuring distance for a specific ‘run’ then this is a no go, which is a great shame. It only recalls your activity for the whole day, which of course is going to mark it down in the books of some people who are ‘in training’. Although what you need to bear in mind is that this is a device made for people who don’t normally ‘work out’, and thus wouldn’t be too bothered about things like this. Would have been nice to have though.

In addition to this, the FuelBand tracks a new type of metric known as ‘Nike Fuel’. I’ll cover this later on (sadly under the negatives). Right now though, I want to tell you that this is a system designed especially for Nike+ devices. It is basically meant to be a metric measuring what you have done that day i.e. calories, working out etc. all under one title. It is anticipated that this is something which will be included in all Nike+ devices in the future. Now, I do want to give a positive here (before the negative later). This is the fact that the Nike Fuel points is a perfect system for measuring performance for those who are simply trying to lose weight or get fit. It isn’t ideal for professionals though who really do need a serious breakdown in what they have done. For those people, as good as the fitness tracker is, they may want to look into something completely different. Perhaps the FitBit. The simple nature is great though for those who are simply trying to push themselves.

The whole idea of Nike Fuel is to make working out fun. Every single day you will be able to set yourselves challenges to earn a certain amount of Nike Fuel, and you will be doing everything possible to get there. Since it incorporates calories burned, activity time, steps taken etc. it can come in pretty handy. Now this isn’t really a downside, as it is something which I just saw as an extra feature on some similar fitness trackers, but you will be unable to track your sleeping patterns with the Nike+ Fitness Tracker. Which isn’t going to be too much of an issue, even if the feature does sometimes come in fairly useful.

There are a variety of syncing options at your disposal here. Firstly, you of course have the standard syncing up with the pretty in depth Nike+ application, something which you may have used in the past (hence why you are looking at this). In my opinion, the Nike+ application is currently one of the best available on the market in terms of graphical readouts, and the amount of ‘awards’ you can earn do provide you with a fairly decent motivational tool.

Syncing is done via Bluetooth. This means that the Nike+ FuelBand SE Fitness Tracker is compatible with all of the current Apple devices. Unfortunately at this time, there is no Android App.

Your second option for connecting is simply through your computer. This is done via USB, which is incredibly easy to set up. You can sync through your computer, and of course you will need it for charging. You have a dock for the FuelBand included in the box, which I must admit makes everything a great deal easier when it comes to connecting up to your computer.

The website for Nike+ functions pretty well, and does give you pretty in depth tracking of the device. Would be great if the social aspects could be expanded though! At the moment, you are going to need to know someone who owns a Nike+ FuelBand.

Sadly, no device is perfect, and that includes the Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Tracker. One of the biggest downsides here is the fact that one of the key measurements is Nike Fuel Points. Something which Nike intends is going to be big and a new way of measuring how fit you get. However, you can see right off the bat how much of a bad idea this actually is. There is no real definition to what a Fuel Point is, and things just become unnecessarily complex. Honestly, if Nike stuck to a standard system (i.e. calories and the amount you work out) then this would have been a near perfect product. For now, you are going to
need to stick to the Nike+ system, which is great and all, but sometimes you do want something a little bit different.

So is this the best fitness tracker on the market? Well, if you have a Nike+ device already then it is absolutely superb. Sure, there are a couple of downsides that I have mentioned already, but all in all, the Nike+ FuelBand is a pretty decent fitness tracker, even though it is slightly more than some of the other products out there on the market. Certainly take a look at this if you are interested in a fitness tracker. Remember, this is perfect for amateur
athletes, but those who are looking for something a bit more professional may be better off looking elsewhere.

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