Mobile Help Review

Last Updated On: Wednesday January 09, 2019

Mobile Help Medical Alert System Review

Overview of Mobile Help Medical Alert Systems:

  • Type: Mobile Help Medical Alert System
  • Price: $ 36.95 per month
  • Battery: 24 hours of backup battery supply
  • Device options: GPS technology
  • Company experience: About 30 years on the market

Full Review of Mobile Help Medical Alert System

About the product:

This type of medical alert systems consisting of a base unit which is connected to a landline in your home protects you only inside your residence. However, Mobile Help having been in the market for already about 30 years is the only company to use cutting edge technology to protect you wherever regardless of your location. For other medical alert systems, check out our in depth review of top 10 medical alert systems: medical alert systems reviews.

Thus, Mobile medical alert is the first and the only system in its type to serve and protect you wherever you are.

Mobile Help Features & Equipment:

By its GPS technology mobile help gives the seniors the freedom of taking long walk, go shopping or visit friends, relatives still using the monitoring service they pay for.

This GPS system proves to be a true innovation in the market to make the product stand out among other competitors. What you need is to sign up for Mobile help; you then receive a GPS-enabled phone to connect to MobileHelp’s monitoring center. The phone charges easily and intuitively in the MobileHelp in-home console.

Due to its progressive monitoring features MobileHelp system provides coverage anywhere and everywhere. With the use of the latest GPS technology and a small mobile unit what you need is just to press a button and thus get connected with a person in charge. Thanks to the GPS built right into the unit the monitor will always be exactly aware of your location and if need be, will dispatch the closest ambulance. The mobile unit also gives the option of speaking and hearing through it.

Mobile Help Medical Alert System Help & Support:

Two-way communication with the monitoring center is available through the in-home console. There are two lighted buttons in each corner – Help and Reset. The console provides with 24 hours of backup battery supply. The simple-to-use GPS phone has just one button to alert the monitoring center – a simplified process of getting contacted with the company’s personnel.

Mobile Help Price & Value:

You can save the most on your mobile emergency service with Mobile Help once a year annual plan or choose to keep your payments low with Mobile Help monthly payment plan. Mobile Help quarterly payment plan offers both savings and lower payments.

The MobileHelp medical alert systems with GPS offer the following pricing plans.

  1. You can choose once a year annual plan and thus save most on your mobile emergency
  2. You can choose the monthly payment plan keeping your payments low
  3. Savings and lower payments are available through quarterly payment plan.

Mobile Help Medical Alert System Pros:

  • Protection regardless of your location with the GPS technology
  • Compact and ease-of-use structure of the mobile unit
  • MobileHelp uses AT&T’s cellular lines for its mobile service, and it is all approved by the FCC.
  • No need of having home telephone to use mobile medical alert
  • MobileHelp gives you two alert buttons for free while many other companies charge for a second button
  • Discounts are offered if you sign up for three months or a year
  • No matter if you sign up for one of the plans, you are still able to cancel and get a refund

Mobile Help Medical Alert System Cons:

  • The monthly monitoring price is a bit higher
  • There is free activation if you sign up for the annual plan
  • MobileHelp does not own its own monitoring station

Mobile Help Medical Alert System Summary:

The mobile help gives the active seniors enjoy their freedom both at home and outdoors with its progressive system. However, if you are a more home-bound person, you can choose less expensive medical alert service.

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