Medical Guardian Reviews

Last Updated On: Wednesday January 09, 2019

Medical Guardian Reviews

Medical Guardian Alert System overview:

Medical Guardian has been helping thousands of seniors to live with the sense of security and the right of independent life since 2005. In spite of being comparably new in the world of medical alert devices Guardian Medical has a leading position in the competitor market and considerable experience in providing the elderly with exceptional services with it’s medical alert systems.

Currently being one of the fastest growing medical alert system provider companies Medical Guardian keeps on increasing the number of its customers and providing them with choice and good value.

Among the newer generation of medical alert companies the Guardian Medical proves to be a leader delivering the consumers with such brand new technologies as auto fall alert detection and mobile medical alert systems ( these work out of the home).

With the headquarter in Philadelphia, Guardian Medical Alert’s products are available in all 50 states in the USA.

Features & Equipment:

Medical Guardian provides three different medical alert systems. In our testing, they were the industry leader in technical innovation. Their products appeared more advanced than many of the medical alert devices offered by competitors.

Guardian Medical offers 3 different medical alert systems – In-Home Medical Alert System, Mobile Alert System, Fall Alert system. We have reviewed and understood what each of them is about. Now let us introduce them to you.

The In-Home Medical Alert System is pretty similar to our other tested systems. There is a base station (to connect to a telephone jack) and a waterproof necklace or a wrist bracelet with a “Help” button to range about 400 feet. With the button you connect to Medical Alert’s call center. You will be immediately responded by an easy-to-understand and specialized technician who performs round-a-clock availability. For those, not having a home telephone, there comes a cellular base station without a GPS.

Offering mobile connectivity Medical Guardian’s Mobile Alert System with GPS-enabled emergency button is more expensive. The GPS button recharges in the base station, Medical Guardian gives you the opportunity to travel with it while the battery is charged. This GPS technology is included to let the Guardian Medical pinpoint your precise location.

The Fall Alert system is designed to offer the consumers fall detection -one of the most advanced alert device technologies. The combination of a fall detecting pendant and a base station is Medical Guardian’s most expensive package. With the help of an accelerator, which is included into the pendant, the guardian medical alert can detect any movement associated with a fall. In case of falling while wearing the pendant you will immediately receive an operator response.

All these features truly make this service not just a remnant from the last millennium but a part of the 21st century.

Setup and Use:

After testing a standard In-Home Medical Alert System we can claim the system is easy to set up, connect and test.

With a comparably larger base the system has a solid construction and again a large emergency button. With the testing package there came neck pendant and wrist bracelet which have a stylish look and proper functionality.

Additionally, Medical Guardian stands out for some small features that it provides unlike other devices. There is intuitive status lights included in the base which tell you what the unit is doing. If you happen to accidentally press the emergency button, you are welcome to press the “Clear” button to cancel the false emergency call.

The system works properly both with a landline and internet-based telephone.

There are few simple steps to make sure the system performs properly

  • Hook up the system and plug it in
  • A green status light appears
  • Following the included test instructions switch it into the test mode

The device then informed us about the system to pass into the test mode for 15 minutes.

The system also provides users with a recording to make sure that it was accurately operating.

We also tested the system in a normal mode. After pressing the button within seconds a friendly and sociable operator greeted us. The pendant and bracelet tests as well passed in a proper manner; both devices proved to perform flawlessly throughout our house.

Help & Support:

The customers are given access to the staff of Medical Guardian via telephone and email. Moreover, to receive technical and customer support the users are welcome to access to the live chat service on the company’s website. You can also get quick response to some simple question with the help of FAQ section and the information blog provided by the company on its website.

Price and Value:

In spite of the more advance features which can make the system seem more expensive, the prices fit into the cost line up of Medical Guardian’s competitors.


  1. Linear 4200 base console with a 1,000-foot range
  2. Works both in and out of home
  3. Equipment is free
  4. Technological Innovation and Variety of Advanced Systems Available
  5. No contracts and good warranty
  6. Clear pricing, no hidden fees
  7. Landline or Internet Based Phone Compatible


  1. More Expensive for Technically Advanced Models
  2. No smoke or carbon-monoxide-detection monitoring

The Verdict:

While not so many companies innovate in this industry, Guardian Life Alert picks up the pace in providing reliable system that is smart and stylish and brings about the desired results.

The Conclusion:

Although new, still a leading company to provide trustworthy medical alert systems, rapidly growing and establishing world-wide recognition. With its innovative approach, reliability and current affordability we have courage to advise to become one of the thousands users of Medical Guardian Medical alert system.

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