Medical Alert Systems

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Medical Alert Systems

Top 10 Medical Alert Systems

1. Bay Alarm Medical Alert System
Among the list of medical alert systems reviews Bay Alarm Medical surpasses all of the other medical alert systems for seniors that we reviewed. Offering a top quality system at a price that other industry competitors generally find hard to match, click here to read detailed review of Bay Alarm Medical.

2. Medical Guardian Medical Alert System
Although Medical Guardian is comparably new to the business our investigation gave us confidence to recommend it. On our side-by-side comparison Medical Guardian stands out as a bright example of technological sophistication and fall alert capabilities. Click here to read Medical Guardian detailed review.

3. LifeStation Medical Alert System
LifeStation is in the top of our highly ranked medical alert systems for its reliability, user-friendliness and affordable prices. With several attractive features and with an impressive team of professional specialists LifeStation offers excellent…

4. LifeFone Medical Alert System
LifeFone is nearly 40 years of service in the industry of medical alert systems providing instant care and compassionate assistance to the elderly and those with disabilities. With a range of various features and reliable round-a-clock customer support…

5. Alert1 Medical Alert System
Alert 1 review is mentioned in our list of reviews for several solid reasons. First of all, with its reputable history of more than 25 years this company strongly inspires confidence towards its reliability. So proves the increased number of users and

6. Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System
As other Philips lifeline reviews we also strongly emphasize the fact that along with providing an excellent medical alert system, life line alert also offers its customers medication dispensing service. Manufacturing products since 1981 Philip’s brand. Click here to read Philips Lifeline detailed review.

7. Life Alert Medical Alert System
With a perfect solution of the classic commercial “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Life Alert immediately went public and became a popular home medical alert system. It has already been 3 decades that Lie Alerts stands by the elderly and those with

8. Rescue Alert Medical Alert System
Thousands of people regain the sense of independence they once enjoyed due to Rescue Alert’s medical alert bracelets and other medical alert systems. The company offers one of the most exclusive and comprehensive personal emergency response systems

9. Mobile Help Medical Alert System
MobileHelp has an important place in the industry of medical alert systems because of its leading GPS technology feature. This means that if with other medical alert devices your protection was limited inside your house or a specific location, mobile help

10. Link Medical Alert System
Link medical alert has been providing its users with solid and irreplaceable services in the medical alert systems industry for more than 10 years already.

This company mostly attracts us for its flexibility in terms of prices and professionally.

Detailed Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Alert1 Medical Alert System

Overview of Alert1 Medical Alert System

  • Type: Alert1 Medical Alert System
  • Price: $ 25.95 monthly
  • Device options: A base station, emergency call button, a pendant, emergency button
  • Company experience: 25 years in the business

Alert1 Medical Alert System Review

About the product:

gardener heroWith for about 25 years of medical monitoring on the industry Alert1 has gained an established reputation of a trustworthy medical alert system.

Through the simple website of the company some products or service are offered sometimes. The company doesn’t operate an own monitoring center, instead their
service has multiple dispatch centers.

Alert one falls short not monitoring their own accounts in their own CSAA 5-Diamond central stations and not offering an option of activity detection.

For what we do admire this medical alert system is the absence of long term contracts and the free spouse button provided to the customers. Moreover, for very large multi-story homes the system offers an option of voice extended boxes.

The Alert 1 is deeply respected in the medical alert system field being a unique company that values listening to their customers.

Features & Equipment:

Alert1 consists of some components and easy-to-understand instruction for helping the users to perform a quick setup.

Also included is the emergency call button – a pendant which can be placed either on your neck or used as a bracelet. Being functional and straightforward the emergency button makes no difficulty to be used. The emergency button, in its turn, is considered to make the whole device more stylish, as it can be worn as a necklace or attached as a watchband.The system includes a smartly designed and functional base station. On it you can easily se an “Emergency” button and a green “reset” button. The second gives you the opportunity to reset the base in case you accidently hit the emergency button.

So, let us see what is included in the whole set;

  1. A medical alert system base station
  2. A compact 100% waterproof help button which can be cared as a necklace or a bracelet
  3. Round-a-clock emergency service
  4. Free coverage and an extra button for your spouse

Setup & Use:

The Alert 1 is supposed to be self-installed with a very easy procedure. The main connections are plugging the monitoring console’s power cord into a power outlet and connecting the console to a phone line.

Periodically, Alert 1 runs tests to make sure the medical alert system performs in a proper manner. So are advised the users – make monthly tests to be assured that every detail is working accurately before a real emergency happens.

These test non-emergency calls are replied by a representative who verifies the senior’s address. To be double sure about the property of the system is a good thing and makes you much more confident that help will be directed to go to the right address.

So after testing the device it proved to be working as promised as promised and the response time was impressive, we were impressed.

For some more useful setup tutorials you can visit Alert1’a website.

Price & Value:

priceThe prices offered by Alert one can be compared with other systems we reviewed with its options of quarterly, monthly or annual cost coverage. We should mention the absence of contracts and the inclusion of the equipment. An additional emergency button for your spouse is also offered for free. The button can be dressed up with jewelry or a nice watchband, thus providing you with endless options.


  • 24/7 service and back-up call centers in place
  • A free lock box is included if you sign up for the quarterly or annual plans
  • A free wall-mounted help button is included if you sign up for the annual plan
  • Flexible monitoring agreement
  • Voice Extender Boxes Option
  • Free additional emergency call button for your spouse
  • Top-of-the-line console
  • No Long Term Contracts


  • No ability to hook the system up to your cell phone
  • Do not own their own monitoring center
  • No activity monitoring
  • No pill reminder or fall detector options

The Verdict:

The Alert1 Medical System becomes a truly attractive option with its high-quality equipment and fair terms.

The Conclusion:

With fair prices, agreeable terms and extra safety features Alert1 Medical Alert System is in the market to provide the customers with top-of-the-line medical monitoring.

Ranging from excellent and impressive monitoring features to high quality customer support provided by professional specialist we have the confidence to recommend you to get all the best of this service.

Link Medical Alert System

Overview of Link Medical Alert System

  • Type: Link Medical Alert System
  • Price: $ 24.95 monthly price
  • Battery: 30 hour backup battery
  • Device options: Emergency call button, Pendant options, Home base unit
  • Company experience: 10+ years in the field

Link Medical Alert System Review

About the product:

The process of considering and choosing a medical alert system for an aging parent or a loved one there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration – the years of experience of the company, reliable products and services, a proven record in healthcare for the elderly.

Link medical alert has been in the field of medical alert systems for 10+ years seeking to understand the wants, needs, and desires of families, seniors and their communities at every step. The results are people-centered, technology solutions that meet the needs, but also fit the lives of seniors.

Features & Equipment:

Link medical alert medical system has a variety of vital and impressive features and equipment:

  1. Emergency call button
  2. Pendant options (Waterproof so you can wear it anywhere including the shower, bath or a pool)
  3. No extra charge for all three call button attachments
  4. Stylish design in a neutral color so it blends in
  5. One push connects you to help whenever you need it
  6. No need to charge it – ever!
  7. Home base unit

Setup & Use:

linkmedicalalert-howitworks 24 hour monitoring service is available – you just need to click a call button and you will get connected to the monitoring person even if you’re in a different room.

User friendly installation system is offered:

  1. You just plug in to a telephone jack and power
  2. Connection coverage ranges 390 feet away
  3. 2-way voice communication provided with a quality speaker and microphone
  4. 30 hour backup battery in case of a power outage

Help & Support:

Medical link alert company monitoring staff is specifically trained to provide you with the required assistance through the emergencies.

Emergency response center proves to be reliable keeping the user’ details so that to be able to quickly connect the senior’s family, doctors, neighbors; the specialist stay on line with the user until the help arrives. Multilingual response lets you get help in your language

Price & Value:

With the “One price No surprise” fee policy the Medical link alert offers affordable prices. There’s no equipment delivery fee and they don’t have hidden set-up fees, activation charges or long-term contracts.


  • Care Innovations is an Intel-GE Company
  • Thoroughly  trained and skilled agents who stay on the line with you
  • Stylish, discreet design
  • 30-hour rechargeable backup battery
  • Affordable service with no hidden fees


  • Coverage of just about 390 feet away from the home base

Life Station Medical Alert System

Overview of Life Station Medical Alert System

  • Type: Life Station Medical Alert System
  • Price: $ 25.95 monthly
  • Battery: 32 hours of backup battery
  • Device options: A base station with “emergency” button, necklace pendant/bracelet,
  • Two-way communication, speaker and voice equipment
  • Company experience: Established 35 years ago

Life Station Medical Alert System Review

About the product:

senior couple blueskyBeing establishe 35 years ago LifeStation is a reputable and respected company in the medical alerts industry. This system is available both in the US and Canada. LifeStation is specialized in standard home medical alert systems and there are no medical dispensing or carbon monoxide alerts and other related services offered to the customers. This very focus brought about a great deal of success to this company which stands out for its considerable experience in the industry.

Lifestation medical alert systems are known for their affordable prices, ease-of-use and function. Although Lifestation doesn’t include any of more advanced technological features, our investigation and the results allow us to sincerely recommend using this service without any doubt.

We can surely state that Lifestation immediately creates a bridge between you and help whenever you need it.

Features & Equipment:

Lifestation medical alert system is pretty simple, straightforward and affordable.

Into the system a base station is included with a conspicuous “emergency” button right in the center, as well as a necklace pendant or bracelet. Generally you only get the bracket or pendant, but you can get both by paying more.

We are greatly impressed by the range of the pendant and wrist band, the solid construction of the base station, easy-to-see “Help” buttons, and the total simplicity of the system. Additional valuable features are the wristband and pendant being waterproof.

One of the best things about Lifestation is that before starting the work specialists are required to undergo 160 hours of training. Every call is handeled by two specialists working in the company – one of them stays with you during the entire call and the other contacts emergency services.

Two-way communication with care specialists is provided by the console and this feature makes it a more excellent medical alert system. Within the range of 400 feet of the console you are able to signal LifeStation, so we can say that the pendant somehow serves you as legs.

Setup and Use:

By plugging the console into a phone line and power outlet you perform an extremely simple setup of the alert system. The instructions here are really very clear. In order to contact the monitoring center you just press the emergency button which is accompanied with four indicator lights (Power, Trouble, Sending and Home), a powerful speaker and voice equipment to make sure that the specialists can hear you. So we tested this “Emergency” button and as a result we were greeted by a friendly and polite operator prepared to help us. The speaker and the microphone worked in an accurate manner causing not a single problem.

We also tested the bracelet and necklace pendant. Besides their standard excellent performance, necklace pendant also proved to be working perfectly under shower with the water running.

You are able to use the console for 32 hours of backup battery in case the power goes out. What we really loved about Lifestation is the free shipping of all the equipment and the totally free-of-hassle activating of life station medical alert.

Help & Support:

In order to help to keep you protected LifeStation provides some extra products. For example, a lockbox is available where the key can be kept so that the emergency personnel can enter your home in cases you won’t be able to reach and open the door.

As about specialist support, LifeStation representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to reply to sign-up questions, account questions and to offer technical support.

Price and Value:

Lifestation is very smart with its prices. The basic service costs just $25.95 per month, this is a price that most competitors cannot offer. A base station, bracelet or a pendant and access to the call service are included into the monthly Lifestation service.


  • Operators Based in the United States
  • Two customer care specialists answer each call
  • 20 Second Response Time
  • In-house Call Monitoring Center
  • Automatic Function Checks (Weekly)
  • No Contract or Hidden Fees
  • Excellent Price


  • Additional Pendant or Wristband Costs Extra
  • Landline Telephone Required
  • Additional Fees for Extras
  • No Carbon Monoxide, Smoke/Fire Alert Options
  • The range of operation from the LifeStation console is only 400 feet

The Verdict:

Thanks to the company’s reputable history and many years in business as well as its additional protection services Lifestation proves to be one of the best medical alert systems.


Providing both fair terms and quality services LifeStation sets the bar high for medical monitoring services. With simplicity the ease of use LifeStation proves to be an incredibly reliable medical alert system with impressive equipment and monitoring personnel.

However, you might want to turn to another medical alert system if you need such extras as GPS tracking, an internet telephone or mobile service.

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