Magicdraw Reviews

Magicdraw Reviews

Magicdraw Reviews. I got this neat a Magic Draw gizmo when I had to baby sit my nieces and desperately needed something for them to do. Learn more about alpilean.

It’s one of those goofy looking As Seen on TV products that promise to entertain your kids for hours, but this one actually did! alpilean official website

I gave it to the kiddos after I fed them my awesome mac and cheese recipe (sorry I had to brag about it) and they tore it open like animals. Inside was a light-reacting board a pen and a bunch of stencils and stuff like that. At first I thought I’d been ripped off. But the kids went nuts over it.

I flipped off the lights and they had a blast drawing funny pictures. I even had them practice drawing their letters and doing little math equations with their light pen. It was even named one of the top educational toys of last year.

And once the board is full, I just turned on the lights and everything disappeared like magic.

My younger niece still uses it at night, my sister said it did wonders to help her get over her fear of the dark.

Not a whole lot to say about it, it’s like a marker board, but the marker is a flashlight — a light drawing board!

Buy Magic Draw online and check it out, it’ll entertain your kids for hours and hours. I bet it would be great fun and relaxing in a power outage too!

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