Life Alert Medical Alert Systems Reviews and Cost Overview – How Much Does Life Alert Cost?

Last Updated On: Saturday January 12, 2019

Life Alert Medical Alerts System

Overview of Life Alert Medical Alert Systems

  • Type: Life Alert Medical Alerts System
  • Price: $29.95 per month
  • Battery: Battery backup of up to 48 hours
  • Device options: Two-way communication, wrist band or neck pendant, carbon monoxide, smoke and fire detection
  • Company experience: Founded in 1987

Life Alert Medical Alerts System Review

About the product:

Being founded in 1987 has 8 offices spread across the country in California, New Jersey, New York and Florida. Life Alert medical monitoring services gained popularity after launching its currently famous “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” ad campaign.

Since then for already about 3 decades Life Alert has become one of the most popular home alert systems worldwide and the second largest medical alert system company in the US behind Philips Lifeline. They have become so well-known nowadays that in general are referred to just as medical alert systems. From their website we learnt that the company serves about 150,000 users nationwide and employs a staff of 600.

In cases of debilitating fall or some other medical emergency Life Alert is there to provide seniors and those with disabilities with an immediate and efficient help. Life alert systems applied by the company have proven to be reliable and successful monitoring services over the time. The company’s various products are focused on giving the elderly the opportunity to live independently with the strong sense of security and peace of mind.

Life Alert Features and Equipment:

Life Alert’s method is quite simple and is similar to other basic medical alert systems. The user being monitored wears medical alert jewelry, such as a wrist band or neck pendant with which he/she is allowed to connect to the specialized emergency monitoring center in order to get help by just pressing the conspicuous “Help” button located on the base unit or the alert jewelry. Seniors are welcome to get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the basic system for health emergencies, extra services for carbon monoxide, smoke and fire detection and home intrusion services are offered by the company.

The core feature of the Life Alert medical alert system is the two-way communication with the company’s help center provided by the life alert systems. The emergency phone calls are handled in an excellent manner and high-quality as Lifealert operates with its own certified monitoring center. Generally it takes some 30 to 50 seconds for a call to get answered. The call monitoring policy is the following: the operator stays on the phone with the users until the help arrives or after the emergency is over. With this method the operators give the senior the feeling of not being alone and of getting the help as soon as

Even though Life Alert doesn’t include such popular extras as a voice extender and lockbox, there is a 911 phone included in the system. This phone is uniquely designed to contact directly the emergency services. You just need to simply press any button on the phone to get connected with the Life Alert’s monitoring center.  This system is a perfect choice for small homes as the operational range between the console and pendant is 150 feet. With this feature you are offered this attractive option of freedom of coverage everywhere.

Life Alert Setup and Use:

A Life Alert technician professionally installs each system. This is a great feature for those with family who live too far away to help. However, the company charges an activation fee for its service. There is no long-term contract required to use Life Alert, but a cancellation fee applies if you cancel without 30 days’ notice.

Life Alert service is installed through professional technicians. This is an advantage for those users who find it difficult to hook up the system on their own, or do not want to be bothered with this installation stuff. The technician installs each system in a professional manner. This could serve as a good choice for those who live far from their loved ones and are not able to help them right there.

The only disadvantage is the cost to set up the system which ranges from $95 to $115 with no options to waive it. However, our own tests show that there is not much difficulty in installation of any medical alert system on your own.

No permanent contracts are required, in case of cancellation without 30 days’ notice a cancellation fee is to be paid.

Life Alert  Help & Support:

Life Alert runs their own UL certified monitoring center which handles the emergency phone calls round-a-clock and performs according to the international quality standards.

Life Alert’s “I’ve fallen and i can t get up” system offers a 911 special small cell phone which just a press on the red button connects the user to 911.

No worries about charging the battery up as it lasts from 7 up to 10 years, and in case of power failures Life Alert offers a battery backup of up to 48 hours. This makes it possible for the system to continue working until the power is restored.

Life Alert Cost & Value:

How much does life alert cost? The basic Life Alert system requires $29.95 per month and the CO2, smoke and fire monitoring additional options increase the price up to $49.95. As previously mentioned, installation fee is $100.No activation fee required. There is a 3-year contract.

Life Alert Systems Pros:

  • Life Alert 24/7 monitoring
  • On-site Monitoring Center
  • Life Alert professionally trained staff with a devoted monitoring center; quickresponse times
  • Life Alert battery backup of up to 48 hours
  • Carbon Monoxide and Fire/Smoke Alarm Options
  • More than 24 years experience

Life Alert Systems Cons:

  • The 3-year contract
  • Installation fee
  • Cancellation fee
  • No Prepayment Discounts

The Verdict: Should You Buy Life Alert Systems?

We recommend you to consider Lifealert if you want to obtain a basic and reliable medical alert system. However, the aggressive sales tactics, obligatory contract and cancelation terms prevents the Lifealert from being in the top of our list.

Life Alert Summary:

With its long-term history and the built reputation life alert systems have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. The company has thousands of loyal customers which serve as a testimony that it keeps on being competitive in this industry. In spite of rapidly growing competitors Lifealert still stands out for its established name and definitely keeps on increasing the number of its users.

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