How to Make an Animation?

Last Updated On: Thursday August 01, 2019

How to Make an Animation?

3 Steps to Make an Animation with Anime Studio Pro 9

  1. Step 1: Pre Production
  2. Step 2: Production
  3. Step 3: Post Production

“How to Make an Animation?” Step 1: Pre Production

The pre-production part is the first step towards making the animation and initiates a long chain of action that are undertaken in order to create the film. The idea of pre-production mainly revolves around the basic concept of the film which is gradually converted into a full length animation. Anime Studio Pro 9 allows figuring out a rough story line along with several other important aspects such as proper direction and scripts are worked upon. The direction outlines important features such as the camera angles and the shot sequences.

  • Story Boarding: It implies the plotting of the perfect story line and is an important part of the animation process. The comic role is based chiefly on the drawings that help to visualize the character in real time film play. Detailed scene changes and animation plots are also figured out well. Planning out the appropriate text notes and coupled with the most suitable camera movements enable the film to be pictured well enough to please the audience and is undoubtedly an essential step towards the answer of ‘how to make an animation’.
  • Layouts: The costumes of the characters are designed under the ‘layouts’ category of the software. Also the location of each of the scenes and the positioning of the respective characters throughout the entire sequence are taken care of.
  • Model Sheets: The model sheets on the other hand involves the precise sketching of each of the characters exactly in the way the director visualizes it. These rough sketches form the blueprints while shooting the entire sequence of the various characters which are later processed by the modelling department to give it the finished appearance.

“How to Make an Animation?” Step 2: Production

Once the project steps into the production department, the primary work of paying heed to the details begin. Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, animation and rigging are the most important processes that come together with the software.

  • Modelling: Most of the modellers in general tend to bring in some variation in each of the characters while modelling thereby imparting it with its uniqueness. The models are primarily based on the free form structures and the other hard surface models using Anime Studio Pro 9. The shapes of the models are also juggled as per the convenience of the director considering the character’s role in the film.
  • Texture: The texturing artists contributes the essential shades and painting patterns keeping in mind the precise requirements and color combination that will be present in any particular shot sequence. The textures can be built efficiently using the studio pro software based on an existing image or even from scratch. Superlative incorporation of the textures into the final shot sequence enhances the overall appearance of the entire sequence.
  • Lighting: Positioning the lights at the most suitable places accounts for the ideal lighting properties of how to make an animation. The light intensity sets the mood for any particular scene and is hence adjusted conveniently as per the shot requirements. Establishing direct and reflected shadows also impacts the color combination and lighting theory of the set.

“How to Make an Animation?” Step 3: Post Production

This is the final step involved in the quest for how to make an animation and typically deals with imparting the finishing touches to the overall film. The post production process generally revolves around working on the scenes by editing the raw sequences or by inserting a suitable clip in between. Sound editing and compositing are the other important tasks that are implemented in the final phase of production.

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