Enterprise Security

Supporting Strategic Goals with Real-World Solutions

Vigilos Enterprise Security Management (ESM) software enables users to automate key security processes, therefore minimizing staff requirements. At the same time, users can control, configure and monitor their security-related systems with unprecedented ease and power, from anywhere in their organization.

Vigilos ESM software connects to and controls a wide variety of security devices and subsystems such as intrusion detection, video, and access control systems, and even transactional systems such as point-of-sale and barcode scanners. As a result, security executives can now think strategically about effective business processes that support their strategic security objectives, and then select appropriate component technologies to support those objectives. No longer is it necessary for security executives to accept the functional limitations and high cost of closed, hardware/software systems from single vendors.

Key Vigilos Differentiators

  • Open platform – commercial off the shelf (COTS) software
  • Runs on industry standard non-proprietary computing hardware
  • Scalable enterprise system that can function for a single branch or an enterprise with thousands of sites
    Simple, intuitive rules engine supports your business processes without custom programming
    Allows secure remote access through PDAs or other handheld devices

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