DIY Home Alarm Systems

Last Updated On: Saturday January 12, 2019

DIY Home Alarm Systems

The Do-It-Yourself Home Alarm – The Right Option For You?

The DIY home alarm is becoming more popular as new technology makes these systems easier to install. DIY packages are now competing with professional home security companies that install monitoring devices in homes.

In most cases the DIY home alarm system is less expensive for the homeowner, which is one of the reasons it’s becoming so popular. But does it really give you the protection you need for your family?

Each system has its own benefits. Professionally installed home security systems are the perfect choice for some homeowners while others love the DIY option.

Before making a decision it’s a good idea to become familiar with both types of home alarm systems so you’ll know what fits your needs best.

The Basic DIY Home Alarm System

The basic DIY home alarm system can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. These kits and packages are very affordable.

The least expensive models will run the homeowner around $100 – $500. These small models are acceptable for small dwellings or a home with one person and no real valuables.

A home with children, a home with valuables, and large homes will definitely need a more advanced home security system. This is still available as a DIY option.

For larger homes the more advanced home alarms systems will protect the perimeter of your property or the outside of your home. The thought is that if a burglar is unable to access the property of the home a robbery cannot take place.

A DIY home alarm system set to monitor the perimeter of the property or house will set off an alarm when triggered. Technology now allows these monitors to give homeowners the weight and shape of the object or individual crossing the monitor. This is especially helpful if an animal sets off the alarm.

Security experts suggest DIY homeowners purchase home security systems that cost several hundred dollars. Packages in this price range will give the homeowner everything they need to secure their home. They can install sensors on doors and windows and security cameras.

Remote Monitoring Option

A new option for DIY homeowners is remote monitoring. Homeowners installing a security system in a large home may choose to install a package that allows the home to be monitored from different locations.

This option is also an excellent idea for homes located in isolated areas and homes that are left vacant most of the day.

Remote monitoring adds to the cost of the home security system. However, most homeowners see it as the most useful component of their system.

The remote monitoring system will notify the fire department and police department in case of an emergency. It will also notify the homeowner when the alarm sounds.

DIY home alarm systems with remote monitoring will require the homeowner to sign a contract with a monitoring service and pay a monthly fee.

Check with Your Insurance Company First

Homeowners who are considering a DIY system may want to check with their insurance company before installing their home security system.

Almost all insurance companies give large insurance discounts for homes with security systems. The problem is that not all insurance companies offer discounts for DIY home alarm systems. In this situation the homeowner should go with a professionally installed system.

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