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Last Updated On: Monday September 03, 2018

CYBERLINK PowerDirector 13 Review

Videos are one of the most pervasive media today. Enthusiasts and artists are now inclined in producing quality videos which can be a source of real entertainment and income. Making those videos is labor extensive, needing much of your time and effort. The process is kind of tricky and demands careful consideration, especially when editing is the issue.

But the good news is, the latest technology offers us nothing but the best video editing software that will handle all your concerns in post-production video editing. Have you found the right application software to enhance and revolutionize your videos? Here’s the ultimate answer to your digital demands. Get to know the fastest video editing software in the world- CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra.

CYBERLINK PowerDirector Overview

Packed with professional-quality features and the idea of convenience, CyberLink PowerDirector has consistently maintained its lead in the line of foremost video editing apps, reaching every rooms of advancement to come up with innovative and state-of-the-art software application. Power Director 10, this newest version of CyberLink has a refurbished True Velocity service engine that is works faster than ever combined with the richest edge-to-edge 3D editing collection available. This award-winning software has redefined digital video editing with over 2,000,000 users around the globe. This best video editing software supports full 3D editing, permitting you to import three-dimensional videos and pictures, or convert 2D photos to 3D form. Then it enhances your media with 3D special effects, transitions and titles or even more. More of the package includes the latest 2D effects using a time-lapse tool, or prop up recording animations that are hand-drawn, and play them again through a video. The famous software app has plug-in support that provides 10 new “art effects”, with clever audio tools, video sharing selections, and convenient enhancements. Speed increase is also an extra bonus to finish your movie production time efficiently.

A Closer Look at the World’s Fastest Consumer Video Editor

  • TrueVelocity 2 that offers faster rendering – Revolutionary engineering has come up in a major speed boost for the world’s most powerful and effective 64-bit video generating engine.
  • The Best Video FX Speed by OpenCL – PowerDirector straps up your system’s GPU power, applying it to 48 video effects for a great improvement in the speed of the editing procedure.
  • Video Rendering is simply intelligent –SVRT technology smartly examines the whole project to review the types of formats and media utilized, choosing the finest profile output for optimal superiority, then performs the video rendering in the least possible time using the patented SVRT system.

Richest end-to-end 3D Video Editing:

  • The Latest 3D Content are importable- Backs up all sorts of 3D content including those from files or directly from 3D phones or cameras. It can even do conversion for your 2D photos and videos to 3D formats with the use of the amazing TrueTheater 3D feature.
  • 3D steps in every way – Capturing, importing, editing, producing, burning and sharing- all these processes are all done in 3D. The software contains 9 exclusive 3D features that you won’t find on any other brands!
  • 3D Format outputs – With PowerDirector, burning is so easy as it keeps on track with industry standard 3D AVCHD, 3D Blue-Ray or 3D DVD discs and watch these videos on 3DTV.

Stunning Movie Creation:

  1. Video editing is pro-quality- It doesn’t matter if your project is easy or complicated. You can edit your video and audio tracks professionally using a great selection of tools, changeovers and effects straight from the versatile 100 track timeline of PowerDirector.
  2. Editing Time is perfectly managed – Precision is a major factor when it comes to video editing. Your soundtrack is analyzed by a Beat Marker by placing indicators at key beat points in order to know precisely where to put your effects and transitions. Editing all effects is worked out by the Key frame Control, placing it in a distinct setting for ideal synchronization.
  3. Effect Plug-ins are professional- PowerDirector 10 now carries go-between plug-ins to provide a wider choice and intense luster to your video creations. Get hyped with its built-in video effects, a total of 10, from incorporated effects supplier, NewBlue.

Free Effects Sharing in Video Editing Community:

  1. Number1 Editing Website on the Internet – Don’t be left behind. Join the rising number of folks that uses PowerDirector in editing their videos. And here’s more. Enjoy sharing, learning and creating videos with other editors with DirectorZone. That’s really fantastic!
  2. FREE Effects of over 200,000- DirectorZone gives a relish of uploaded content produced by the users of PowerDirector which includes customized templates, effects, tutorials, tips and DVD menus- all are downloadable for free!
  3. Get the right information thru Timelines and Tutorials – The software gives you loads of comprehensive tutorials on every phase of video editing. Uploaded Timelines from completed projects allows you to see accurately the ways on how to achieve certain effects or distinctive sequences.

CYBERLINK PowerDirector Most Favorable Points:

  1. Interface- excellent and perfectly arranged
  2. 3D editing- doing a great job and goes with the competition well
  3. Effects- creative and innovative
  4. Performance-still the fastest video editing software
  5. Extra features- tons of exclusive inclusions

CONCLUSION: Is CYBERLINK PowerDirector one of the best video editing software?

Cyberlink’s amazing tweak with PowerDirector 13 is a major leap of advancement in digital video technology. This highly-acclaimed consumer video editor is definitely worth the purchase. The features itself speaks out the terrific quality of the software. It is the best video editing software to hit the sales and for sure you don’t want to miss this hot stuff this time. If you are video enthusiasts, you don’t need to settle for under powered applications. Try this awesome editing system that will answer your digital needs. No need to recap those features above, I am sure you read it well. Get engrossed with the freebies of the overall package and its full-packed features. This is an amazing deal!

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