Wireless Driveway Alarm

Protecting the Gateway to Your Home with a Wireless Driveway Alarm

You already have a security system in your house to deter intruders, but you’d like an extra layer of protection. Consider installing a wireless driveway alarm to increase you and your family’s sense of security. There is nothing better than knowing that you’ve done all you can to keep your home safe.

A wireless driveway alarm is simple to use and can be activated with the touch of a button. There’s no need to spend all day installing whole new wiring, just use it with the phone line you already have in your home. Nothing could be easier, and before you know it you’ll have total home security.

Not everybody wants to wait until an intruder is climbing through the window before they hear their alarm go off. You may feel much more secure knowing that a burglar could never get that far undetected. With a driveway alarm, you will be alerted anytime an unexpected visitor approaches your home. You can’t get much safer than that.

Security is important, and so is privacy. It’s no fun being caught unawares by out of town relatives or solicitors. A wireless driveway alarm can give you the time you need to get out of those pajamas and into some clothes before you hear a knock on your door. Or, it can let you know when to make yourself scarce, if you have a hard time saying no to door-to-door salesmen. Whether your main concern is home security or privacy, driveway alarms go the extra mile you keep you and your family protected.


Do we really need home security systems?

Do we really need home security systems?

There was a time when protecting your property meant getting a guard dog or a firearm.

Nowadays, we are lucky to have security systems so advanced that even Fido is never left to face an intruder on his own. We can install alarms on our property that will alert us and/or the police before the integrity of our home is ever breached. With a driveway alarm, for example, you know when someone is on your property before they even get to your door.

Every one of us has the right to feel safe in our own home. Your home is your sanctuary, and any number of Security Systems exist to help you keep it that way.

Why worry about intruders when you can install your own burglar alarm or driveway alarm?

Security Systems Deter Break-Ins Before They Happen
Statistics show that burglars most often choose houses that appear to be empty.

Today’s home security systems can be set to automatically turn lights and appliances on and off at random when you’re gone, giving the appearance that someone is actually in the home. Burglar alarms are great, but never having to use one because an intruder skips your house is even better.

It’s good to know that you are not fighting alone against intruders. You can install your own home security camera system and increase your peace of mind a hundred fold. Never again should you have to feel worried or afraid. You and your entire family deserve to know that you are protected.

ADT Home Monitoring Camera

ADT Home Monitoring Camera System, Home Security Monitoring Systems & Home Alarm Monitoring

When your ADT home monitoring system alarm is triggered, it will send a signal to the ADT home security monitoring center.

An ADT home monitoring system operator will attempt to verify the alarm signal through Two-Way Voice or a phone call to the physical location of the ADT home security monitoring system.

If the ADT Home Monitoring Systems operator is not able to confirm a false alarm they will dispatch the necessary agency within seconds.

The police, Firefighters, or Paramedics will then respond to the location of the emergency. ADT Home Monitoring Systems has been is the most experienced and most reliable name in the home security monitoring business.
Advantages of ADT Monitoring

For over 130 years, ADT has been the oldest and most respected name in the security business. This is because ADT offers the most sophisticated protection for the entire home – whether you’re home or away.

This includes 24/7 monitoring for burglary, fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies and more.

ADT Helps protect over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, most U.S. retailers and financial institutions, 6 million American homes and families, U.S. Government buildings, and over 100 U.S. airports.

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