Will online storefronts wipe out brick-and-mortar businesses?

Will online storefronts wipe out brick-and-mortar businesses?

Has the Internet Changed the Shopping Experience for the Better?

There was a time when going shopping meant a mini-vacation of sorts. Malls, Specialty shops and Novelty stores proved to be full of colourful excitement. You never knew what you were about to encounter or what treasure you might soon discover. The enticing aroma, fabulous textures, and the bright lights were enough to satisfy the most discerning shopper’s pallet.

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At least until the next time, the compulsion arose to venture out for the hunt.

Then came the wonderful Internet! With the stroke of a key, you were transported to an array of sites. High fashion, wholesale, eBay and any Mall storefront that you would find in the most extravagant cities. But, not just any store mind you, an e-commerce store that was as intoxicating as it was unique. A new world has been born. An extremely “Jetson” shopping experience was invented, one easy to manoeuvre and one that allowed transactions to be even simpler to complete. In a click of a mouse, you could come up with a whole new wardrobe and just as easily apply your discounts or any special requests you may have. How easy? Just take a look at your shopping cart. Online sites are created with you, the trendy shopper, in mind. Big money has gone into putting together the highest quality, the simplest steps and the safest environment in order to make any transaction feel like an ultimate pleasure.

A shopper’s dream come true? But, of course, as the statistics rise, it’s becoming quite clear, that more consumers are preferring this mode of purchasing. No more long lines, no more rude sales clerks, no more hours wasted and best of all? A parking spot has now become a distant memory. Could it get any better? Yes! Fancy handmade sweaters that are only made in England? Poof, it’s yours! How about Swiss Chocolate, made in, get ready… Switzerland! Just type in the quantity, please, and it’s on it’s way. Fantasy and reality intertwined, all wrapped up in a lovely fed-ex package, waiting patiently at your front door for you to arrive.

Groceries can be planned for with care, customized to your family’s needs and made ready to deliver in a blink of an eye. Your loved ones are now able to prioritize schedules and events, without the sometimes unnecessary hassle of trudging into the neighbourhood grocery store. This is especially invaluable during the often chaotic holiday seasons. A blessing of sorts, and may soon be taken for granted.

The Internet has changed the world. Enormously. Brick and Mortar stores can still hold a nostalgic feel and provide you with endless opportunities to see, feel and hold your selected merchandise. But, the Internet miraculously brings the world to your fingertips. It’s an amazing era we’re now experiencing. One that conjures up extravagant images. And, just imagine, this is only the beginning.

How to promote your business online for free?

How to promote your business online for free?

Free advertising, abundantly available on the internet, increases your business profits more than any other type of marketing. Free advertising does not cut into your profits while providing crowds of eager visitors to your business website. Some of the best methods for advertising online are free. But how do you find these free advertising opportunities? How do you promote your business online for free?

Promote Your Business for Free – Build a List

Make your website work for you. The number one way to promote your business online and increase profits is to collect a large list of opt in email subscribers. Create a monthly or weekly newsletter, or an email autoresponder series, and get people to sign up. These list subscribers will be a captive, willing audience for your business products and promotions.

The best way to build a list to promote your business online is to give something to each person who signs up. This is often a free ebook or other information product.

Promote Your Business for Free – Article Marketing

Writing quality, keyword specific, articles and submitting them to article directories is one of the most popular and effective free advertising methods online. Build a following of eager readers and establish yourself as an expert in your field. With the addition of an eye-catching author’s bio or resource box, complete with website link, you will attract more visitors quickly.

Since some search engines penalize non-unique content on the internet, it is recommended to rewrite your article each time it appears in a directory. If you wish to use the same article on your blog or website, you must rewrite it so it is completely unique.

Promote Your Business for Free – Forums and Blogs

Posting articles and making comments on popular forums, message boards, and blogs are always good ways to promote your business online for free. Be sure not to spam your links, but instead offer quality information that will inform or entertain other visitors. Adding your website link will both attract short-term traffic, but also increase your range of influence on the web and, possibly, your search engine rankings.

Promote Your Business for Free – Marketing Cooperatives

Meeting other online business owners and collaborating on advertising campaigns is an excellent way to promote your business for free. While some search engines have reduced the efficacy of link exchanges, piggy backing product or website advertisements in other newsletters, blogs, and forums can increase profits considerably. Networking and making contacts in the online business world can help you promote your business online for free.


How to start a small online business by yourself?

How to start a small online business by yourself?

Starting an online business requires planning, solid ideas, research, facts, money, and a willingness to succeed. Some aspects may appear easier to accomplish than other ones. Yet, without a careful watch over all of them, your business may sink.

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First, what is the purpose of your business? Second, is there a need for your business? Third, do you have a sufficient amount of money, time, focus, and space? Fourth, do you have a solid business plan, with alternate ideas? Fifth, will you work to grow your business or do you prefer to leave everything to yourself?

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The purpose of your business will give you focus and will let people understand what you seek. Do you plan to make a living from it, or is it a side job? Is the purpose for raising money for a non-profit organization? Develop these questions to meet your personal needs for the business before signing any piece of paper. This will save you money if you change the purpose.

With the explosion of the Internet, online businesses grew too. Thousands of people start one and they fail to research the saturation levels in the market. This is a risky assumption and it can lead to wasted time. Before you go live online, find out what other people do and is the market capable of handling another business in the same category. In addition, you may have a way to make your business unique by adding a twist of imagination and creativity. The Small Business Administration, www.sba.gov, is available to help new and existing business owners.

How much money do you need to start your business? Do you have fees for a license, forms and what about your supplies? Will you use money you count on for paying bills? Is a lifestyle change required to start your business? Do you have at least six months worth of savings accumulated?

In addition, are you prepared to input the hours needed? Will you take away time from your family or miss appointments to finish your work? Do you currently remain active during the hours you expect to run your business? Think these answers through before you announce yourself online. This will save you from earning a negative image and you will avoid the mistakes of novices.

A business plan is a requirement for discussing loan options, persuading investors to support your business, and it helps smooth a path to success. Your plan should show researched ideas for what you can accomplish. It should also detail every aspect of your business, from the supplies to the final product or service.