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Last Updated On: Thursday January 10, 2019

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards

What are the best gamer keyboards?

Finding the best gamer keyboards is not an easy task. When buying a keyboard, there are so many brands and types that becomes hard to chose one. Besides, style, functions and price, there are some other aspects we might have to think when choosing a keyboard for gaming. There are many issues that one must make sure that any decent keyboard have. Is it wireless? Does it have macro keys and the ability to save configurations on the fly? Is it ergonomic?

Besides quality, functions and price of course, there is other issues to have into account.

In this small review you can see some of the best gaming keyboards on the market. There are many types of keyboards in particular for gaming, but in this case, you don’t need to complicate with shinny keyboards. Sometimes, the most simple prove to be the best gaming keyboards you can acquire.

Wired or Wireless Keyboards? What to choose?

Been myself a gamer, it is in my honest opinion that a Wireless keyboard is a bad choice. Personally I prefer cable keyboards. If you are the kind of person that freaks out with so many cables of all you PC accessories then go ahead and get a wireless keyboard. The reason I don’t like wireless accessories be that keyboards or mice is because it is very frustrating to have the batteries flat in the middle of a game.

Some games, like RTS games or even worst, FPS games, in particular when played online are very stressful, and besides the reflexes needed , you can´t afford to lose time getting that USB cable to connect your keyboard just because the batteries went flat.

There are accessories on the market that can “catch” all of those lose wires of your accessories and put some order on your desk. On the other hand, if you are just a casual player, that don’t spend hours playing everyday, you might get a wireless keyboard, but even so, don’t be surprised if you get out of power in the middle of a game.

Keyboards Extras & Functions – What it is needed?

Today´s technology brought us many advancements and improvements on the majority of the keyboards. LCD´s displays, macros, media controls, web controls, illuminated keys, etc. Besides all that, the number one choice must be how much ergonomic a keyboard is. Don’t take this subject lightly, if you spend too many hours gaming, you will need a good ergonomic keyboard. The constant posture of the wrists in the keyboard, if not done in a proper way may cause serious damage to your health.

Key lights, are also important. That does not mean you have to play in the dark, you should always have some soft light near you that illuminate your desk but do not reflect on your monitor, that might also cause some damage to your view. In the case you have the computer in your room and you got someone else sleeping in the room, then the light of the keyboard should be enough for you to locate certain keys quickly.

In most of the good keyboards, some of them have specif lights (many with small LED´s) on some keys. Most have the “W,A,S,D” keys illuminated since those keys become the standard in many games like in FPS. Others have options to illuminate all the keys, usually this is done with blue or white lights. In my opinion, blue is better since most keyboards are black, and also looks cool!

Macro keys also helps a lot, in particular in games like MMORPG´s and RTS games. You will become more quick to make that particular combo with a programmable macro. Instead of clicking and push 2 or 3 keys in a sequence you just need to push one to the same sequence.

I have seen so many keyboards with so much useless stuff and weird designs just to try to have something to call for the eyes instead of usability. Stay away from those even if the price might look tempting.

Here I will try to recommend some of what in my opinion are the best keyboards you can acquire to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

The big 3
Why looking for thousands of brands?

In my opinion there is at least 3 major brands of keyboards. Be that for work or for gaming. In case of gaming keyboards, I think this 3 brands have much to offer, in terms of appealing design, ergonomics and functions. There is also the matter of price, but when you want quality you have to expect to invest a bit more then in a “normal” $20 keyboard. If you feel there is other brands that might give you the same please feel free to share, but to be honest you don’t need to look that far.

  1. Razer Gaming Keyboards – This company exists for several years now, I am a avid consumer of their products, and let me tell you right now, I am very satisfied with them. The main focus of Razer products is the gamer. From keyboards, gaming mice, headphones, mouse mats and many others, they have pushing the standards of the gaming accessories for years.
  2. Logitech Gaming Keyboards – For years they have been in the top industries of computer accessories. From options to working accessories, gaming and many other small gadgets, they have introducing in the market some practical ideas.
  3. Microsoft Gaming Keyboards– They started late in the development of computer accessories. Still, Microsoft is a big company and with the resources they have, the market quickly saw some nice improvements coming from them. On a curious note, they were the first company to study ergonomics in their keyboards.

Razer Keyboards – Made for Gamers

Razer is a company that was created in 1998. They achieved in all these years something that most companies took more then 20 years to achieve. The products are made for gamers. That and only that says almost everything about them. From ergonomics, precision, comfort, style and design, all products give you an assurance of quality. I know, trust me. I use Razer products for years and I am a serious gamer.

The company sponsored the first world championship of Counter-Strike with their products. They are constantly promoting and creating events for gaming all around the world. I consider this company to be the best one to serve any serious gamer.

Razer Lycosa – Who said style can´t be good?
Razer lycosa keyboard: No matter what people might think, this is the most cool keyboard I ever saw coming from Razer. The design is supreme, the light blue illumination is well implemented, the media keys in a touch pad give you a futuristic look and the rubberized keys is a must against the standard plastic ones. This is a beautiful keyboard. But don’t let the looks fool you, this is a gaming keyboard with style and of good quality.

Still, have in mind some things: The Lycosa only have USA keys, so if you live in Europe, like me, and you need special characters for typing, you will not find them here.

The light control have 3 settings. On, where all the keys will have a very dim blue light, off, and a special more bright blue light on the WASD cluster. The only problem with the Lycosa keyboard, is when the light is completely off. Without any light you can barely see the keys. So if you are one of those people the use one finger at the keyboard or dont know where the keys are, then this is not for you. Besides that, the Lycosa is an excellent keyboard and for sure one of the best style I ever saw.

Razer BlackWidow
Another good keyboard from Razer
Razer BlackWidow: Another gamer keyboard is the Razer BlackWidow.
They made this keyboard with a mechanical base keys that gives the gamer a different touch. The force they claim is around 50g so it is a robust keyboard.

It comes with a “on the fly macro recording” that can store up to 10 profiles. 5 light intensity sets will make the keyboard more brighter or less depending of the ambient light or your preferences. Like some of the Razer keyboards, this one also comes with the option to shut the windows key off, preventing the game to minimize.

It is not a cheap keyboard, but with so many extras, the clean design and the macro options, it is a good keyboard for any serious gamer.

Made for gamers in mind, this new tech implementation of Razer, the mechanical keyboard, is another thing that add most value. Normal keyboards have this light rubber plate below the keys. When you press a key this just interrupts the circuit on that special rubber plate. With time it gets wasted with use.

This is where mechanical keyboards make points. They are much more durable and the pressure you do on the keyboard is excellent for typing also.

For games or for work, the Razer BlackWidow is a excellent keyboard with a robust construction. A very good gaming keyboard.

Best gaming keyboards – Logitech Gaming Keyboards
Another brand brings high quality

Logitech is well know to everyone. They have today a lot of products for working, gaming and even entertainment. On the keyboards, they always have been strong in their offer to the consumer. But now there is something while worthy for the hardcore gamer. On the gaming line, Logitech have the G series products, from driver wheels, mouses, keyboards and some weird devices too for the most hardcore gamers.

Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard
More macros, more options, more info!
Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard – The G series on the keyboards from the Logitech always had interesting twists apart from the competition. The G510 is of course on the top of my preferences.

Been a gamer for years, when this keyboard came to the market, many players found the macro system and the LCD display a well worthy addition.

Even if, personally, I am a big fan of Razer, I cannot look at the side of the G510. This keyboard is pretty amazing. The LCD Display can be configured to your liking and set to show normal functions of your PC or programed to show other options from the game you are playing. Just imagine a “frag” counter!

It comes with 18 special programmable “G keys” where it can execute 54 functions in game. This by itself is a well worthy addition to any serious gamer that need special combos on the fly. The lighting system is also one of the most amazing I saw. Even Razer did not went to far. You have several colors to chose from where it can be a really cool addition to stay in tune with the rest of your gaming system.

If there is something really to aspire, the G510 keyboard is one of them. If you are indeed a serious gamer that need extra functions, more control over the game and more information that usually you don´t have access, the LCD of the G510 will give you that.

In my honest opinion, I think this might be one of the best keyboards for a gamer in the last years.

Logitech Keyboard G110
Less money but strong arguments
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110: If you thought you had to spend over 100 dollars on a keyboard to take your gaming sessions to other level, think again. If the price on the G510 might get some people over the edge, you have almost the same option for less money.

The Logitech G110 is a mid entry keyboard for gamers. Cheaper then other models but with almost the same functions of the big “daddy”. The G110 keyboard offers you the same combo of lighting in 3 colors, red, blue and purple and also allows to control the intensity of the light. It comes with 12 programmable G keys that can give you up to 36 commands or complex macros. You can also save the macros “on the fly” using the special key.

Like the G510, this one also have the option to lock the windows key to avoid accidents while playing.

If money is the problem, and you still want to have a decent keyboard for gaming, the G110 is you answer. It does not have the cool LCD monitor but the functions it provides and the cheap price, make this keyboard a very good one for any gamer.

Microsoft Gaming Keyboards
Can Bill Gates be ahead of the competition?

Jokes aside, Microsoft is one of those companies that we don´t like and love at the same time. On the Keyboard segment, Microsoft have some interesting products to offer. Even if might not be consider directly to gamers, we have to admire some of their products and the prices that come by.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboards
An interesting “twist”
Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard: Microsoft have many keyboard types on the market. Most of them are more know for their ergonomic in “S” shape. On the gaming segment, there are really not much to chose from. There might even exist other brands that offer a much more interesting products.

The Sidewinder X6 have all the common features already demanded by the gamers. The light have the control for brightness intensity, and the W,A,S,D keys have illumination.

It provides the the special macro keys, where they claim you can use up to 90 macros. Still I doubt that you will need so many! It has a special key called “cruise control” where in on push you can perform the same action over and over, useful in those situation where u have to run for a long time for example. It has also a in game macro recording to store some of the actions you might do more often.

The most interesting twist on this keyboard is the detachable key pad where you can leave it on the right for normal use, or in attach it on the left of the keyboard for a gaming experience. This is by far the most interesting feature of this keyboard.

For the price asked on Amazon, it is not a bad buy, still if you think it is not enough for you or your love-hate relation with the manufacture are in the way, consider the offers already mentioned here.

Best Keyboards for Gaming – What´s the best?

From all keyboards here, what is the one that brings the most quality for a gamer.
Consider functions, quality and of course price.

Your vote is important! Help our readers choose based on your preferences. Please leave a comment and share your opinions on best gaming keyboard with our readers.

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