Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software

Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software: Video editing software is an essential software for those people who wants to edit different types of videos. In the recent time, a number of people are showing their interest in video editing task. There are three video editing software available which are quite popular and can make the video editing task easy. Those are- Ezvid, Lightworks and Microsoft Movie Maker. All these three software are available in the internet. So a person can get any of those software quite easily.

Ezvid was developed by a famous startup studio in California. This free screen casting software has a number of programs which are very much necessary to have in a video editing software. This software is designed in a modern way and make it easier to be used. The people who are new to YouTube world, this software could really be helpful for them. Lightworks is another popular video editing software and it’s more or less a professional software. Many professional video editors are found to use this software.

This software can edit the videos of different formats including 4K and 2K resolutions. The latest version of this Lightworks software is an upgraded version and the version has been upgraded from 1989 to make the using process much easier. Windows Movie Maker is video editing software designed by Microsoft which has got a huge popularity within the people recently. Because, this software is quite easy to use and for this reason, the video editors are also showing their keen interest on this software. A video editor can edit a video within a very short time and can publish or share the videos on YouTube, Facebook or Flickr. Therefore, choosing any of the mentioned three video editing software would be an excellent decision for any person if he/she wants to edit a video in a perfect way.

Ezvid – The Best Free Video Maker for YouTube

Ezvid is freeware for creating and editing video. It has over 2,400,000 users worldwide and is easy to use. It focuses on uploading videos to YouTube immediately after recording via your Google account. Ezvid can create multiple video formats, such as slideshow videos, music videos, HD video, etc. (with a maximum of 10 minutes per video). You can import files into the program for editing a video. Supported file formats for Ezvid include JPG, BMP, PNG, AVI, MPEG, and MP4 in addition to the program’s video editing formats. Ezvid can even record audio onto a file directly without recording a separate file (which is a waste of time). Also, it does not use many system resources. Even if your computer’s specs are not very high, you can still use Ezvid (but processing the program may take more time).

The more specialized abilities of Ezvid include: it’s the best free video editing software for capturing a screen to be video , it can send a text description into the video, insert a narrative voice and dub voice or music into the video. And there is also a special feature for those who love playing games:it can be used in conjunction with software for gamer who like recording a narrative voice over game footage, and from there it can be uploaded onto YouTube (this works with software such as Fraps, HyperCam or CamStudio).

There are other advantages of the video editing software “Ezvid.” Firstly, it is freeware, and there are no additional costs, no registration required, there’s no sign up for access (except in cases where you will upload your video onto YouTube. You must register a Google account). Ezvid supports Windows 7, Vista and XP (the latest update can support Windows 8). However, Ezvid has the disadvantage of adding random video effects. You will not be able to set the video effect. But the video effect is not bad. It also looks beautiful.

Conclusion: Ezvid is one of the best free video editing software solutions.Visit the official site and download Ezvid, “best free video editing software,” at:

2. Lightworks – Make a Video/Movie Same as The Professional

Lightworks is world-class video editing software. It has been used in a number of Hollywood films, such as The Departed, Brave heart, 28 Days Later, and Notting Hill. And behind the scenes it has been given awards, such as an Oscar and an Emmy (for Pulp Fiction and The Departed).

EditShare is a manufacturer and developer; they have announced that Lightworks is the open-source software used in late 2010. Later, it was announced there was a beta release for Linux recently. But the Lightworks Linux public beta only supports 64 bit systems and requires an ATI/NVIDIA graphics card. Just Ubuntu and Linux Mintsupports the distribution. It also lacks many important features; it’s conversions are H.264/MPEG4 and does not support WMV files.

Lightworks is professional video editing software. It is, therefore, one of the best video editing tools available. Lightworks for Windows has both a free and pro version. Both versions have many differences. View the comparison of the free and pro version. For those who want to learn about using the software, within official site of the Lightworks there are video tutorials for using the software for all 10 video parts.

Lightworks supports three platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Visit official site of the Lightworks at:

3. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker – Great Free Video Editing for Windows

Movie Maker is the best free video editing software for use with Microsoft Windows. It is software that has a long history (over 13 years), since 2000. The software is developed continuously. And, important, it is freeware. There are many tutorials for using it, both from the Microsoft website and many other sites, or YouTube.

Movie Maker has many basic functions for video editing, such as importing image files, video and audio files, the ability to edit movies, etc. Operating systems supported include Windows Server 2008, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Movie Maker is one of the best free video editing software solutions that should not be overlooked. It is great software compared to software that costs money to use.

For more details about Move Maker, visit:

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