Bay Alarm Medical Review

Last Updated On: Tuesday January 08, 2019

Bay Alarm Medical System Reviews


  • Type: Bay Alarm Medical System
  • Dimensions: Ultra-Compact
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Price: From $21.95/mo
  • Battery: 32-hour battery backup
  • Device options: Base console with a built-in sensitive microphone and speaker, GPS Monitoring and Tracking, “Help” button, waterproof bracelet and a neck pendant, Carbon monoxide detection and fire monitoring.
  • Company experience: Over 66 year

Bay Alarm Medical System Full Review

About the product: To provide readers with a really useful brand review and help them to buy the best medical alert system, it is important to start talking about the company first, especially when we deal with medical alert companies. The history of this company, its achievements the years of successful operation can tell a lot.

In this case reliability is the most important factor to be taken into consideration because if you happen to use a medical alert device you should feel trust towards the company and people who stand behind this. It’s been already more than 66 years that Bay Alarm Medical offers the elderly and people with disabilities utmost health protection, independence and peace of not only theirs but also their relatives’ mind. During its long term history Bay Alarm Medical has managed to become a leading medical alert system in the market keeping overhead costs low.

Bay Alarm Medical Features & Equipment:
Two different system types are offered by Bay Alarm Medical – traditional and most popular Medical Alert, which allows the user to get fast connection to the Bay Alarm call center which is available in a round-a-clock manner. And the second type is a bit more expensive Medical Alert Cellular package, which is offered in case you don’t have a telephone line.

The equipment features are elementary and user-friendly. The package includes a medical information card where your name, emergency contacts, medical conditions and other important information should be written to provide medical res ponders with your medical information.

The simple base unit or the base console consists of a built-in sensitive microphone and speaker allowing speaking to Bay Alarm personnel, and red “help” button. This base unit has features to alleviate communication in an emergency.

The unit features a 32-hour battery backup able to serve during a substantial power outage and the service is available in 170 languages. Fire and smoke monitoring as well as carbon dioxide leaks control is offered by Bay Alarm. These additional monitoring services you will put your mind at rest, especially if you or your loved one is not able to quickly escape home in emergency cases. All these additional qualities make Bay Medical Alarm much more precious.

The installation is quite a simple process-the unit plugs into a wall telephone jack and a power adapter plugs into a wall outlet. Not having a spare telephone jack is not a problem, the base unit will let you split a telephone line signal—the unit should be inserted into the wall and then your telephone can attach to the unit.

The system includes a waterproof bracelet and a neck pendant with large buttons which are easy to press. The pendant is tested to able to communicate with the base console in a 1000-foot range. This alert system has a five year battery life and when it runs up Bay Alert delivers a free replacement to you.

If after pressing the “help” button the operator hears no answer, a local emergency medical team will receive the default response.

As we test and review medical alert systems among all the important features we put our emphases mostly on the reliability. We want to make sure that you are dealing with a truly trustworthy medical alarm system.

Get Started From $21.95/mo. No Hidden Fees.

Bay Alarm Medical Setup and Use:

How To Use Bay Alarm Medical System? No technician is required for installing the device. It is a surprisingly easy process- we spoke with the Bay Alarm Medical customer service and shortly got the alert system, after unpacking the components we did the plain set-up process. After some tests the system was already run. The whole procedure took just a few minutes to complete.

All you need is just to:

  • Plug the power adapter into the wall outlet
  • Connect your telephone line
  • Afterwards the base unit beeps to remind you to check your telephone connection
  • After connecting to the telephone line the base unit is illuminated with a green status light

In order to test the system we pressed the “Help” button in less than thirty seconds we were responded by a friendly and easy-to-communicate operator from one of the call center. The clarity of the speaker and the voice of the operator were perfect. The conversation passed in a quick and a professional manner.

After testing the pendant and bracelet unit also proved to be working in a proper manner.

Bay Alarm Medical Help & Support:

The call center operations of Bay Alarm Medical cannot be left unspoken about as they are one of the best we have met in other medical alert companies. They have 3 call stations working 24/7; 2 of them are designed to answer only emergency calls from medical alert devices and the third one is dedicated to a round-a-clock customer support. The call stations are situated in separate locations and in case one of them goes offline, the other is right there.

So, we are greatly impressed with Bay Alarm and we feel confident that this medical company is absolutely ready for any contingency or accident. You can be best assured that pressing the “Help” button you will receive an answer from a live operator.

Bay Alarm Medical System Price & Value:

Get Started From $21.95/mo. No Hidden Fees.

While most Medical Alarm providers make you pay for a whole year right from the beginning Bay Alarm Medical offers a much more convenient pricing plan. You are free to make quarterly, monthly or annual payments. No additional or hidden fees, no initial
installation charges.

Bay Alarm Medical System Pros:

  1. Pendant working at a range of up to 1,000 feet
  2. Multiple Call Centers with 24/7 Live Operators, 365 Days a Year
  3. No Contract and Multiple Payment Plan Options
  4. Low Monthly Cost
  5. Free Spouse Coverage
  6. Easy Set Up
  7. Carbon Monoxide and Fire/Smoke Alarm Alert Options
  8. CSAA Five Diamond Certified Call Centers

Bay Alarm Medical System Cons:

  1. No Fall Monitoring
  2. No Refunds for Early Cancellation
  3. No medication dispensers, GPS tracking
  4. No In-house Call Monitoring Center

The Verdict: Should You Buy Bay Alarm Medical Systems?

With the best combination of functionality and price, features and services we put Bay Alarm Medical as our number one choice.

Get Started From $21.95/mo. No Hidden Fees.

Bay Alarm Medical System Summary:

Both good features and good value of Bay Alarm Medical gives you everything you need to take care of a love one. User-friendly installation, excellent equipment, affordable prices and great customer service – this is what we experienced while testing Bay Alarm Medical.

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